Monday, May 4, 2009

Misc. with pics

The other day, it hailed. The little balls of ice were an inch in diameter sometimes, tearing down from the sky with the sole intent of murdering my spinach and peas.

Thankfully, it was unsuccessful in it's attempt. The spinach is battered but nothing it won't recover from. Amazingly, the peas escaped with nary a torn leaf to be seen. If there is a God, he must hate spinach.


I harvested the first of the lettuce and a few remaining un-torn spinach leaves last night. Actually, it's no harvest at all, I just thinned the plants so they'll grow a little bigger.

There's enough there in the form of what I'm calling "baby greens" to make salad for the family tonight. I figure I could say "here are some garden thinnings" as I serve it, but "baby greens" sounds much more... gourmet, doesn't it?

In other garden news: Nearly everything is planted. Spinach, lettuce, peas, beets, carrots, garlic, beans, cukes, radishes, basil, broccoli... I think that's it. I have my bell pepper and tomato plants, bought them Saturday. I'm giving them till Wednesday to harden off. (I'm rushing them. I never claimed to be a patient person.) I bought some zucchini seeds and will plant a few plants in one corner of the garden as well.

Oh, and Chloe planted some sugar pumpkins and sunflowers in pots, to be transplanted in a few weeks.


Yesterday was the Gene Taylor's Fishing Derby. The girls didn't catch anything... not many people did. I have a feeling they didn't stock the pond like they normally do. They had fun enough though.

Cora has turned into a Grandpa's Girl. Chloe always gravitated to her Grammy, but not Cora. It's always "Ba-pa? Ba-pa?" She adores him, and vice versa. It's a beautiful thing they've got going on there.


My amazing, loving, generous husband let me buy a sewing machine for my Mother's Day gift. My world is bright and happy again. :o) It's a Brother 50-stitch model, Project Runway special edition. Nothing overly fancy, but definitely nicer than the 30-year old Kenmore I've worked on for the past 6 years. It has some neat decorative stitches, and it even has all the parts and accessories that are supposed to come with a sewing machine! (My last one lacked any of that. I had the basic zig zag foot, but nothing else.) I sewed late into the night, and woke up to sew again this morning. I'm thrilled. :o)

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