Friday, July 10, 2009

It doesn't take much.

We went to Target for a few things today. While we were there, walking through the shoe section, Chloe asked, "Mom? Do you think maybe we could get one of those silky nightgowns? I don't have a nightgown, and those silky ones look really lovely." I thought about it for a bit. I could tell she really wanted one, and she was right - she doesn't have a real nightgown, just jammies. So she picked out a silky nightgown, white with bright red cherries all over it. She insisted on carrying it through the store, it couldn't just go into the basket with the other things.

When it was time for bed tonight, she put it on, and suddenly she was a new little girl. She didn't just walk - she floated. She didn't just go around picking up toys, she pranced and traipsed and fluttered. She looked at me with an enormous grin, clasped her hands and pressed them against her cheek, and sighed. "Oh Mom! I feel like a real princess! Don't I look like a princess?" as she spun around.

And she did. :o)

I love how it just doesn't take much to make a little girl really, truly happy.


Just Me said...

awesome. It's great. Kids (especially when they are not overly spoiled) find simple things quite satisfying. It's really great that they appreciate things.

Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

JoAnn's has some very pretty prints for silky nightgowns...Emily used to eear them too :) Loved Gymboree cause they held up forever