Monday, December 7, 2009

Cookie Party!

Yesterday was my First Annual Christmas Cookie Party. It was fun!

I figured I'd do a trial run this year, see how it went, and maybe turn it into a tradition each year.

What's a Cookie Party? It's when you bake tons of cookies, then get together with friends to share them and play some silly games and enjoy an afternoon of togetherness. One friend's husband called it an "estrogen party". That's pretty accurate. :o)

I found a game called Decipher the Canticles of the Yuletide Season on a Cookie Exchange Party website. (I thought my idea was rather original, but it turns out it's popular enough that there are whole websites dedicated to having cookie parties.) Anyway, Decipher the Canticles - it was cute. I divided the girls into two groups and they had about 20 minutes to figure out as many as they could. The winners got prizes. We also did a dice game and Baking Utensil Memory - I showed them a platter of different baking/cooking utensils for 15 seconds, and they had to remember as many as they could after the platter was hidden again. Going shopping for prizes was fun, too. Prizes included a ceramic snowman magnet and frame, Christmas-themed toe socks, some candle holders, Christmas pot holders and towels.

I had some snacks, some warm drinks, and of course there were the cookies. At the end, everyone filled up platters with all the different cookies to take home and share with their families.

It was definitely successful enough that I'll do it again next year. If you're local, expect an invitation. :-)


Just Me said...

Wish I could have made it. But between not being able to find my cookie recipes and just plain not feeling up to going much of anywhere, just didn't work out.

Dani said...

I wish my local friends were into that sort of thing because I've been dying to have a cookie party! I'm the only baker I know!

Wendy said...

what a fun tradition! our pta does a cookie exchange that's very cool. parents make cookies and we all just come along with box in hand a grab a couple of this and a couple of that. it's a nice to get a nice assortment. the games and festivities of your party sound really fun!