Saturday, May 1, 2010

We survived :-)

I'm happy to report that the girls and I survived our first two week stint with our Daddy working out of state.

We stayed immensely busy with school work, craft projects, asparagus hunting, canning, play dates, and gardening. Truly, these two weeks have flown by.

I mowed the lawn. Twice! I wanted to save him the extra work when he got home. I also managed to get the floors cleaned, the house straightened, the laundry all caught up and put away, and dinners planned for the week so there will be little to do but enjoy our time with him.

Oh, how I look forward to cooking real meals again! I have the hardest time bringing myself to make anything creative when I'm only cooking for the children, who rarely rave about anything except macaroni and cheese from a box.

We hope to head up and go camping this week, if the nice weather holds up and if there's not too much snow on the ground to get to our campsite. Otherwise, maybe we'll just lock all the doors, turn off the phones, and hide from society for a few days.

I'm off to bed - busy day tomorrow. Hope everyone has as lovely a Sunday as we will! :o)


Just Me said...

That reminds me... My cousin works for Haliburton (he was working up in Wyoming) and my Grandma told me he is doing the whole going to North Dakota for a couple weeks at a time, then home for a week thing too.

Wendy said...

That went by fast! So he's home now for a week? I can't remember. You're sure setting the bar high with all the lawn mowing and all! ;) Enjoy your time as a family!!!