Sunday, December 5, 2010

Homeschool Science: The International Buffet

You just never know when you might run into a learning opportunity...

like dinner out with friends, where there might be an octopus on the buffet that can be poked and prodded and examined.
Or eaten...

She didn't really. Sissy.

This shot is proof that homeschooling starts at a very early age:

Thanks to my dearest friend Katie, for letting me put theses pictures of her adorable family on my blog!


FairyLover said...

That s soooooooooooo gross. I can't beleve anyone would actually eat octopus. But my husband likes calamari. Which I guess is the same thing. Yuck! The pictures on the kids faces are priceless. What a great science lesson.


Julie said...

LOL Kathi, thanks! I agree, it's about the most disgusting thing I've ever seen that's intended to be food. They enjoyed seeing the suction cups on the legs though. Blech!

Wendy said...

no one brought a scalpel?

I think I can see the appeal in eating a whole little octopus like that. I can almost imagine the sauce, the texture, the suction cups...really I can!

I do like calamari though - but prefer the ring-like pieces.