Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So I'm taking a tap class.

So I'm taking a tap class. Because I was bored? Because it sounded like fun? I'm not really sure why. I signed the girls up for dance, and decided I was gonna take a class too. So I am.

I had two options: I could take a beginner class for adults, or I could take an advanced class for teenagers. Dancing with adults is refreshing - adults have a sense of humor, and we can happily make asses of ourselves in front of one another without a second thought. Teenagers are funny, their entire purpose being to make sure they don't make asses of themselves in front of one another.

I ended up taking the teenager class. I figured it could go one of two ways: either I would feel young again, dancing with a bunch of kids, or I'd feel like an old lady. So far, we're leaning toward the latter, but I'm okay with it. I just remind myself that at the end of the day, I can go home and have a beer, and they can't.

But aside from the fact that I'm the only dorky adult in the class... Oh. My. Goodness. I had forgotten just how much I love to dance. It's a hard class - and it's been a good sixteen years since I've done much dancing at all - but it's a blast. We're learning the classic dance that Gene Kelley did in Singin' in the Rain, one of my all-time favorite tap songs. It sort of thrills me, the music, the personality of it all, feeling rhythm in my feet again for the first time in so many, many years. I'm really glad I decided to go for it, dorky old lady or not. :-)

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Wendy said...

aww, that's awesome that you're doing that! I bet it's so much fun. My kids are also dancing and I so much want to join in. THere's a flamenco class that goes on while my older one has ballet. It's the cost that prevent me from doing something so fun like that. For now, Just Dance 2 on Wii is doing a good job of teaching me some moves.