Monday, April 25, 2011

An Easter Re-cap

How was everyone's Easter? Ours was lovely, in a very low-key, relaxing sort of way.

The Western Colorado high-desert is not known for being a particularly moist climate. It doesn't rain much here. But of course, Mother Nature forgets all that on Easter. It always rains on Easter. When I The Easter Bunny was out hiding eggs at five o'clock in the morning, he said a hopeful little prayer that the rain would hold off at least long enough for the girls to find them, so that we didn't have gooey, sticky egg dye all over everything. The little prayer worked - everything was damp, but the rain held off.

We dyed the eggs on Thursday. Thirty four eggs, two dye kits, and the girls (and I) were happy for a good couple of hours.

They woke up yesterday to their Easter baskets (which, through a constantly developing series of traditions is found outside on Easter morning.) Fun things like new spring T-shirts and "hoopa-loops" were inside, along with lots of chocolate.

And then the egg hunt commenced. Why is it so exhilarating for children to run around picking hard boiled eggs up from a wet lawn? I'll never know, but it is. Lots of screaming "I found one!" and lots of racing to get there first. Cora's at that fun, magical age where this is all just so exciting.

After our egg hunt, we dressed and went to my parents' house to spend the day. My mom fed us breakfast, lunch and a delicious ham dinner. She's amazing. Some day I'll be able to do that: put a fabulous meal on the table while entertaining guests, with grandchildren running around at my feet, and make it all look effortless. Until then, I'll just continue to be amazed when she does it, 'cuz I've got no idea how.

The girls got to help with the deviled eggs. Cooking in Grammy's kitchen is even more fun that cooking in your own kitchen.

The girls hunted even more eggs...

And even got to swing at an Easter pinata. (How cool is that? With only two of them, they didn't have to push and shove the other kids out of the way to get the candy.)

Notice the piles of stuff in the foreground?
That's because after we saw how hard
she could swing a bat, we all took cover.

And then there was a lot of sitting around, some napping, and watching The Sound of Music (which might be The Longest Movie Ever Made.)

And I'm officially not ready for it to be Monday already.

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Wendy said...

I love Cora's face as she's going for the pinata.