Monday, November 7, 2011

Tonka Trucks!

A gift of toys speaks loudly to children, doesn't it?

I'm not one to buy my kids a lot of new toys. Not because I want them to "do without" by any means - we're just blessed with generous family that overwhelm them with gifts at holidays and birthdays, and those toys keep them entertained for the remainder of the year.

But Two Little girls deserved a reward this fall. They have waited patiently all spring and summer long for the freedom to dig to their hearts' content in the garden. They have the freedom to go in and out of the garden as they please, but they know they aren't to dig it up until the first frost comes and kills off the veggies. So they waited. And they didn't complain.

Now that the garden is empty of all plants and freshly tilled, they could hardly wait to get in there and dig up that fluffy soil. Since they were so patient, I decided a reward was appropriate:

Tonka trucks make for good times! Especially when there is that much dirt to be moving around.

The beauty of having girls: we get to enjoy "boy toys", too.

This should buy me several hours of peaceful baking and knitting time, and should keep my children covered from head to toe in dirt for days to come. :-)

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