Saturday, May 19, 2012

Making Friends With the Barn Cats

When we moved in, we were informed that we would be inheriting some barn cats. We weren't quite sure how many... at first we thought it was three, and then we realized there were at least two pairs of "twins" when we'd see them both at the food bowl at the same time. The girls have watched them from the window each day, and have given them all names, though they have never let us get anywhere near them.

But then we found their hiding spot: the hay loft. So we started bringing them bits of hot dogs, scraps of meat from dinner, and other goodies. What better way to make friends with half-wild barn cats?

This is Buff. He's the most friendly, to the point where he now even lets us pet him (and even asks us to sometimes.)

These two are Sally and Batman. They aren't quite so friendly, but will at least accept bits of food as long as it's tossed toward them from a distance.

Hiding somewhere below floor level, near the wall, are two fluffy cats. One is Grandma Kitty, and I can't recall the other's name right now. They won't let us anywhere near them, even if we come bearing gifts.

It's a good lesson in patience for the girls, standing completely still and waiting until their new friends come out of hiding. They're learning to move slowly and carefully, something neither of them is terribly good at.

*Please pardon the mess that is our hay loft. It's all stuff left behind by the previous owners, and we haven't made it out that far to clean up yet. It certainly is a treasure trove though: an ancient old wagon, all in pieces; an old rocking chair, a chest of drawers,an upholstered foot stool, a kitchen table and six chairs; even an old boat hanging from the rafters. Some day I'll find the time to go through it all, and refinish things one by one to add to the decor inside. Until then, the cats have a lovely furnished hay loft in which to spend their days.

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