Friday, June 1, 2012

Bit By the Reading Bug

The reading bug has finally bitten my Oldest One.It happened a couple of years later for her than it did for me, and I was afraid it wasn't ever going to happen, but the time has come: no matter what she is doing, she has a book in front of her. She has mastered holding a book open with her feet while she brushes her hair, she reads while she eats, she reads when she should be sleeping, and I had to tell her the other day not to read while she was walking down the stairs.  She's devouring a book every other day now, and I'm thankful for the library's rows and rows of books to keep her entertained.

I was just like this as a kid, and so it warms my heart to watch her. New worlds are opening up, she's making new friends and meeting new people, the way she sees the world is evolving just a bit, and I love it. 

This morning, I told her this story:

"When I was your age, I read as much as you do. I'd stay up late at night and read with a flashlight when my parents thought I was sleeping. I would read while I ate lunch, I would hole up in my room and read all afternoon. I loved books, especially the Babysitter's Club. I could read one in a day sometimes, and be ready to start the next one. But we didn't ever go to the library when I was little, and my parents weren't going to buy me five or six new books every week, so there were a lot of times when I didn't have anything new to read. I'd read the same book four or five times through just because I had to be reading something. And then, once in awhile, I would go spend the night with Nanny, and she would take me to the book store and buy me a new book. Or, if I was really lucky, we'd go to the big warehouse store and she'd buy me a whole box set of four books. Man, those were special. New books to read weren't always so easy to come by when I was your age."

Oldest One, who always enjoys hearing stories of when I was a kid, looks at me and says, "Wow!..... were they made of papyrus?"

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