Friday, March 8, 2013

So Ugly It's Cute?

I have always assumed every baby animal is adorable.

I was wrong.

Truly, there is nothing uglier than this:
A turken. It's a true chicken, though it has a naked neck that makes it look more like a turkey vulture. Or like a turkey vulture mated with a chicken. Or something. Something entirely unnatural, and downright creepy.

Regardless, The Oldest is positively in love with her turken, whom she has named Geraldine. 
 The sign at the hatchery said, "A neck only a mother could love." They weren't joking. But from all I've read about these ugly creatures, they sound like wonderful and very useful pets, great egg layers with fantastic personalities. And no, Geraldine will never grow neck feathers. She will otherwise grow to look like a chicken, but will always have that bare neck.

The Oldest is sure some of you will tell her how adorable her turken is. I figured you'd all have nightmares. So what's the verdict?

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