Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The First Thanksgiving

Once upon a time, there were a group of people that called themselves "Separatists." Here you see a picture of Prudence, and some of her friends.

They lived in England, under the rule of a hairy, tiger striped feline named King James.

The Separatists wanted to believe in God in their own way, but King James said they couldn't. So they decided to find a new land where they didn't have to listen to King James anymore. They boarded a big ship called the Mayflower, and sailed for more than two months.

When they got to the new land, the Separatists (whom we call Pilgrims), met people from the native Wampanoag tribe.

The natives were very kind and helpful, especially the chief's daughter, Baby Screeching Turkey.

She showed the Pilgrims how to plant corn for food and how to use the resources of the land to live.

At the end of the first year, the Pilgrims were very thankful for a lot of things - their friend, Baby Screeching Turkey, the food they were able to grow, for their homes and their families and especially, their freedom. They decided to have a big feast to thank God for all they had. They invited the Indians to join them, and feasted for a whole week.

And that's the story of the first Thanksgiving. Kind of.



We giggled so much yesterday. Poor Milo was referred to as "Stinky King James" all day long. After I narrated the story once for her, Chloe insisted I dress up as the Pilgrim, and she would narrate. I think we acted out the story five times altogether. Hopefully she'll remember it... and realize that there never was really a Baby Screeching Turkey.


Now it looks like Andrew might have Friday off after all. Cross your fingers for me - I really want him around! (I think he'd rather work than have to hang up 50 strands of Christmas lights.) I bought Chloe a Christmas dress yesterday for the Nutcracker - I can't wait to see her in it. I wish I could wear formal dresses like that. She's really excited about it, and insisted on telling the woman at the cash register that she was going to see the Nutcracker, that she was excited about seeing the Sugar Plum fairy, and that the lady could go too, if she wanted to.


Baby Screeching Turkey has insisted on waking up at 6 am the last couple of days. That's just too darn early for me. I need my quiet mama time in the morning!

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Deb said...

Oh, how DELIGHTFUL.... thank you for sharing your First Thanksgiving Story! I thoroughly enjoyed it!