Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Bits of Education

With the husband gone for the weekend, and both little girls in bed by eight, I decided I deserved a bit of 'me time' this evening, and it proved to be wonderful. A glass of wine, a fresh ball of good Peruvian wool, and "Becoming Jane" starring Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen - I can't think of any more pleasant and quite nearly perfect way to spend a couple of hours. I feel rejuvenated.


I always hear older women talk about how they wish they had gone to college, had been more educated, had been able to have a career. I wonder (and slightly fear, if I'm being honest) whether I'll feel that way, years from now. I went to college... only for a semester, but I did go. I made a quick determination: I can learn as much as I want to learn, about any subject, without paying $5,000 a semester for it. I don't desire a career, and don't think I ever will. I find it too appealing to be able to immerse myself in my children, my home, and my hobbies.

I find it amusing sometimes, the hobbies I have when I actually list them - the list seems to go on forever! I realized tonight though, that I ought to add "learning" to my list. After watching Becoming Jane, I got sucked into internet biographies, book clubs, fan clubs, fan fiction, for nearly two hours. What a fascinating life that woman led... though by the standards held in her day, her life was nothing to speak of.

I don't think I'll ever stop learning. I'll read anything that happens to find it's way in front of me, and almost always, I can find it interesting. History absolutely fascinates me, especially the history of women. I don't think it requires going to college, having a professor tell you specifically what to study, and obtaining a degree, to be educated. Perhaps that's why we're homeschoolers.


I have a splendid little plan for next week, when Andrew is off work. It'll take a lot of work to pull it all off though, and I'm afraid I don't have that much motivation.

I want to sew some clothes for Chloe and I - pilgrim dresses, bonnets, etc. For Andrew, I'd probably just rent a costume for a day. My intention would be to keep it a surprise, though now that I'm writing this, my husband will know, at least, that I've had the idea.

From there, I'd love to dress the girls (Cora in her Raggedy Anne costume - minus the wig) and have a "Pilgrim Day". Play games that Pilgrim children might have played, spend a whole day with no electricity, using candles at night and such. Perhaps making candles or some other fun activity during the day, and maybe even eating "Pilgrim" food, if I could figure out what to serve.

Doesn't that just sound like fun? Good education, to be certain, but far more like fun. I can already see the sparkle in Chloe's eyes...


Deb said...

What a SPLENDID idea!!! You are so creative! Take lots and lots of pics, okay? What memories will be made.... Your kids are so lucky to have YOU as their mommy


Oh, and I don't regret not having a career at all... I started one, but then changed it when I became a mom... Having a career as a full time mommy & homemaker, well, I cannot think of ANYTHING more fulfilling... And now, I'm at that stage in my life where I'm reaping the rewards of being a SAHM... it's WONDERFUL!

Katey said...

I want to come play Pilgrim!!!!I don't think the teenagers would want to but I KNOW Emily and Jesse would like to....wish I wasn't att eh opposite end of my state from you