Thursday, February 11, 2010

The intestines - a visual aid

We're continuing our study on the human body, with our current focus on the digestive system. Since Anonymous liked the post about our stomach acid experiment, I thought I'd add another post along those lines.

So admittedly, that looks like a blob of string glued to a sheet of construction paper. Okay well, actually, it is a blob of string glued to a sheet of construction paper. But it carries a lesson along with it.

The average small intestine in an adult human is 23 feet long. The large intestine is about 6 feet long. As we were reading those facts in our book, I realized my seven year old barely understands the concepts of one foot and one yard, let alone what 23 feet actually looks like. So we measured it out, using yarn. The red yarn in the picture is 23 feet, the blue is 6 feet. Once we had the yarn measured, we glued it to the paper similar to the way it would be found in a body, with the large intestine sort of going around the "blob" of small intestine.

Alright, so it's not scientific. But it helped her see how long intestines actually are, which really is pretty amazing.

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Wendy said...

oh, that's really neat. I think at Sci Works in North Carolina, there's a similar exhibit where you can pull out a rope and see how long the small intestine is. It really puts it into perspective. Cool lesson!