Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring's coming!

I can tell that spring is around the corner.

That's garlic sprouting.

I can also tell it was a very, very cold winter, because there are only about a dozen sprouts, as opposed to the 72 cloves I planted. I'm not sure the others will come up at all. I think the -20 degree winter weather terrified them, and maybe turned them into garlicky-mush. We'll see what happens. Fall planting isn't meant for places where it gets to negative twenty degrees. That's why I don't live somewhere that gets to negative twenty degrees... except apparently I do, because Western Colorado forgot that it's supposed to have mild winters.

The sprouts in the house are happy and doing well though.

Now if it would just stop snowing, and if the sun would actually come back out from above the never-ended inversion, and if it could just warm up about twenty more degrees, we could be on our way to gardening bliss. It's a tall order though, and not likely to happen for another few weeks yet.


Dani said...

Spring's coming?! Someone tell mother nature because we're supposed to get a foot of snow today! :)

Anonymous said...

Give them a chance they might
-- Stephen

Wendy said...

...and a student just told me the farmer's almanac is predicting another 4 feet of snow in March. Your seedlings look really happy!