Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Great Carrot Harvest

I finally gave in last night. I just couldn't wait any longer. I pulled out the rest of the carrots that were still in the ground from the three plantings I did this spring.

Oh, it was so satisfying. This was my first successful carrot crop. Pulling carrots out of the ground is downright fun.

After pulling them all out, we trimmed the tops, piled them in a dishpan, and weighed them - seventeen pounds exactly. I'm not sure how many I've already harvested this year, haven't added up the totals, but I think our total harvest for this year is near 30 pounds.

I'll be blanching and freezing the smallest carrots, and any that are broken or damaged. The larger ones will be stored in a container of sand in the basement with the beets and turnips. Well, and a few will be made into carrot cupcakes for little girls. :-)

This one weighed one-third of a pound - there were several of them.
When I planted them I knew they were a short and fat variety -
I guess I just didn't realize how fat!


Wendy said...

wow! Those are some hefty carrots!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! Go you!