Monday, November 8, 2010

Fresh Dirt.

All spring and summer long, my girls have patiently awaited this:

For the garden to be done, for it to be cleaned out, and for Daddy to till it all under. For permission to dig like crazy without having to worry about where something is planted, what might be growing, or compacting the soil.

One is building a mountain. The other is digging a burrow in which to hibernate all winter. When she gets really restless sometime in January, I'll send her outside to hibernate in her burrow for awhile.

Not even exaggerating, they spent all day yesterday and much of the day today outside diggin' in the dirt. In fact, school work got done at record speed, because they knew as soon as they were done they could go dig.

Sadly, it's all about to end: they're calling for snow tonight. :::sigh:::


Wendy said...

that looks like great dirt! Add some water and it'd be even more fun! ;)

Snow already?! What happened to fall?

Julie said...

LOL Well, we didn't get much snow, but we did get some rain.
Fall showed up late here, and it looks like winter is coming early. I so wasn't ready for this!

Anonymous said...

Happy, Healthy Babies :-) Dirt should be a child's best friend.