Thursday, July 21, 2011

The County Fair 2011

The county fair is running all this week, and we made our visit yesterday afternoon with a couple of friends. The up side to going to the fair in the middle of the week, earlier in the day is that there aren't as many people. The down side is that you're walking around in 98 degree weather with very little shade.

We didn't enter anything into the fair this year. Summer's just kind of gotten away from us, and to be honest, I haven't had that much time for knitting and sewing. I'm too busy teaching math lessons and driving little girls around and everything else that comes with being a homeschool mom to two kids. Anyway, it was sort of nice to just show up and see the exhibits and not have any stress involved. Breaks are good sometimes.

We did manage to get involved in the watermelon eating contest. Have you ever watched little kids eat watermelon as fast as they can? It's hilarious. Good ol' fashioned entertainment.

Cora did her best, but only managed to get down two slices in the 5 minutes allotted. She was very concerned about picking out the seeds before she took a bite.

Cora's friend Liam - also three - wasn't so much into the madness of it all. Or maybe he was overwhelmed. Anyway, he was cute as he slowly munched on his bit of watermelon.

Chloe impressed me with her 6 slices in 3 minutes. She had great fun, I was glad we did it. Homeschoolers don't get the opportunity to 'compete' very often. I think it was healthy for her to try something, not win, and learn how to walk away with a great attitude about it all.

And of course, there were rides, as per our summer tradition. I stood sweltering in the heat for three hours with the kids while they rode everything, sometimes going two or three times. Totally worth it though - love watching my little girls have a great time.

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