Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Dresses for Little Girls

I'm still on Housework Hiatus.

I finally gave in a bought Little Girls, Big Style by Mary Abreu. I've been eying it for some time now at the local fabric shop. And then I used it to make some dresses for Two Little Girls for fall.

Cora's is the Knotty Apron dress - an attached faux apron and knots instead of buttons on the straps. Love how it makes her look like a little peasant girl.

Chloe's is the Pocket Pinafore dress. I had to alter the pattern up a couple of sizes - the book only goes to a size 6. The straps attach with suspender clips.

I love the book, and highly recommend it. These patterns are super simple - primarily rectangles cut and sewn and gathered. Anyone who can sew a straight line could make these outfits without much difficulty. I will say that the amount of fabric called for was way more than what I needed. I have tons of leftover fabric.

The best thing to do with fabric leftover from little girl dresses?

Make doll clothes, of course!

I used an old McCall's doll clothes pattern, altered a bunch, to make exact replicas of the girls' dresses. Basking in the glory of being a mom to little girls. :o)


Anonymous said...

OOOHHH! the COOL MOM! Go, Julie-- they're adorable :-)

Wendy said...

you definitely deserve to bask in the glory! How adorable those dresses are - and the little dolly ones - that's great!

Mary Abreu said...

Those look awesome! Love the matching doll dresses, too. Glad you are enjoying the book and thanks for the kind words about it! Happy sewing!