Thursday, September 8, 2011


Littlest One has been four now for nearly a month. You'd think the novelty and excitement of this new age would have worn off a bit by now, but it hasn't. Four is a very big deal to her, and she would like for every person that she comes in contact with to know it.

Every store clerk that has checked us out since August 15th has been notified of this change in age. "I'm four!" she exclaims to each cashier. Of course, this is met with, "Oh, what a big girl you are!" which pleases her tremendously.It doesn't matter who it is - a neighbor we meet while going for a walk; the lady next to us in the cereal aisle; the girl cutting our fabric selections... always, she must announce, "I'm four years old!"

Today I told her that maybe she doesn't need to announce her age to every person we meet, that perhaps she only tell them her age if they ask how old she is. "But," she said, "what if they forget to ask me?"

Ah well. She is four, after all. :o)


bammajan10 said...

Good grief, I remember you posting pictures when you gave birth to her in a tub in the living room! 4 already?
Happy Birthday, Cora, you are a big girl now.

Life said...

Sometimes we grown-ups do forget to ask important questions LOL!