Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boxes everywhere...

It's getting hard to walk through the house without tripping over boxes...

16 days til closing, another five (or so) days after that, and we move to the farm! It's amazing how slowly three weeks can go by, when one is desperately waiting for a dream to come true.

I keep scouring Pinterest for great ideas for the new house, which is only frustrating me because my whole craft room is packed neatly into boxes. There are more "CRAFT" boxes than any others in our house. What does that say about our priorities? Granted, much of it is kid's craft stuff. It's not all my fault.

See my super-awesome organizational skills? Printer labels with the room where the box is to go, one on the top and one on the side.

When we move in, no one will have to wonder where each box ought is to end up, because I will post signs at each door labeling the rooms. Anyone who wants to volunteer can be convinced to help with the move will be able to jump right in and unload boxes from the truck.

Tip: McDonald's fry boxes are the best moving boxes ever, and there is a huge abundance of them. Try to find a McDonald's that separates their cardboard from their regular trash, and you're set to go. They're the perfect size for books, and we have a lot of books.

The Oldest begged and begged to pack her own things, so I sent her down to her room with an empty box. She came up ten minutes later declaring she was too exhausted to continue. There were eight things in the box. Obviously, the kids aren't going to be much help in this endeavor. When I sent them outside with a box to pack the toys from their playhouse, the asked why we couldn't just move the playhouse with all the toys in it. If anyone is great at avoiding any and all extra work, it would be my children.

In our Household Notebook, I have running lists of To-do projects for this house before we rent it out, to-do projects for the new house before we move in, address changes that need to be made, etc. I desperately want this move to go smoothly and quickly. We have one week to get unpacked before seedlings must be started, when we jump in head first in our attempt to farm. Staying organized will be key in keeping things running smoothly.

I'm making double batches of soups, stews, chilis, and everything else that I can possibly freeze, since it may take a few days before my kitchen is in enough order to begin cooking, and the Tiny Little Town doesn't have any fast food restaurants to run to when the children claim they are starving.

All this is really just an attempt to make the days go by a little faster, since mostly I just want to move right now. But patience is a virtue. Right?

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