Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chicken Love

Do ya ever sit in wonder of the things you find yourself saying out loud to your children, things you never thought you'd have to say? It seems as though now that we have chickens, these phrases pop up more and more frequently. Nearly a year since we acquired our hens, and Two Little Girls haven't come close to losing interest. They are constantly trying out new ways of playing with their chickens.

"Girls, chickens don't belong on slides. Or swings."
"For heaven's sake, stop tormenting those chickens!"
"Those are chickens, not puppies! You can not train them to sit!"

But we reached a new level tonight:

"Chloe, please go take the bib off the chicken before she goes to bed for the night."

Watching my children spoon-feed soaked, mashed chicken food to a hen wearing a baby doll bib? Priceless.

This farmy life is a good one, I tell ya.

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bammajan10 said...

On your new farm will you have some of those adorable little goats? The girls will dump the chickens for a sweet little goat in a second. :-)
I kinda like the "fainting goats". If they get startled they keel right over. Funny stuff.