Monday, January 7, 2013

A Winter Birthday Party

 The Oldest's birthday is two weeks after Christmas, in the dead of winter. This has never made birthday parties for her easy. It's hard for this mama to even think about planning a birthday party when we've just managed to get the Christmas decor down, and starting school is right around the corner.

However, now that we live in the mountains (and have a house that's a little bit bigger) this has all changed. What fun she had yesterday!

We kept it super low-key and easy, which made it less work for me, and all the kids had a blast. We had everyone bring snow clothes and sleds, and with all the snow on the ground, that was all it took. I didn't need to worry about planning games, kids of all ages could enjoy it, and the parents could hang out inside where it was warm, with hot tea and coffee.

Several of our friends from The Big City drove up. I had a blast watching some of the kids, who really weren't sure they wanted to be out there in the cold, getting their first taste of sledding. And some of the older girls, who are usually too "cool" to play like little kids, were snow-ball fighting and faux-snowboarding like the best of 'em. Watching kids play and laugh and scream is good for the mama-soul.

We warmed them up with some homemade hand warmers and from-scratch hot cocoa, then the birthday girl got to make her wish.

Presents were opened
(and obviously, a ten year old girl's birthday party isn't complete without a new shotgun.)

and then back out to the snow they went, to play until they were all worn out (and probably frozen through.)

If it's this easy to have winter birthday parties now, I will be looking forward to the next one!

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Jan said...

I cannot believe she's ten! I loved watching her become what she is...and am relived to see she finally grew into her hair, lol.

Happy belated birthday!