Monday, January 14, 2013

Littlest One's New Dress

I had a moment of panic the other day when I realized....

My Little Girls are growing up!

They are developing their own personalities, their own styles, their own opinions. How did this happen??

Thankfully, Littlest One's style still involves Mom's homemade dresses. And since that could change at any given moment, I decided I better start enjoying it a little more while I still can. So I made her a new dress.

When I am making dresses for her, she gets so giddy about it. I call her to try it on as I go, making sure it'll fit, and she happily comes in and strips down in the sewing room so we can see how it's coming along. And then she jumps up and down again with her enormous smile, hugs me, tells me she loves it, and twirls around a bit.

The best part about this dress is the fabric, check it out up close:

It's Snow White! Disney princess fabric is always pink and purple and gaudy, but this is actually a really nice print. I was excited to find it, since she's been wanting a princess dress for awhile now, but I couldn't stand the pink and purple. This was a great compromise, and since she just saw Snow White for the first time recently, it was kind of special.

The pattern was from Little Girls, Big Style by Mary Abreu, a positively delightful book filled with super easy patterns for kids this age. For the cost of the book (about $25) you get dozens of patterns in sizes 2-6, and they are easy to adjust for larger kids as well. If you sew for little girls, you should own this book.

The trim fabric was some dark red corduroy I had in my fabric stash, which I think ended up complementing the main print perfectly. And the lining on the bodice is one of The Daddy's old shirts, one that had a stain and a tear and he couldn't wear anymore. I just used the good part of the fabric to cut out the pattern pieces. Littlest One now has a piece of Daddy's shirt inside her dress, and this pleases her tremendously.

We went to the mall yesterday to run a couple of errands. It was early, and there were mall-walkers everywhere. When you take a little girl into a mall in a dress that makes her feel positively princess-y, she is likely to skip and sing everywhere she goes. And the mall walkers - generally older folks who seem to like kids - smile at said bright-eyed little princess. Any time she saw their smile, she would stop, hold the sides of her dress, and present them with a grand, sweeping curtsy before continuing on, skipping and chattering and all that other cuteness that is a little girl. This, of course, left many mall walkers with even bigger smiles.

The thought that these days are quickly coming to an end makes my heart sigh. It's hard to imagine a day where my little blonde princess isn't curtsying at strangers and skipping everywhere she goes. I vow to make the most of this time, and sew as many fabulous dresses as I can possibly turn out over the next few years.

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