Saturday, April 11, 2009

April Showers...

It's pouring outside. I woke up to thunder about half an hour ago. Any other time, I love the rain and I especially love thunder and lightening. But it's supposed to continue through tomorrow. I can't remember the last Easter we had when it wasn't raining. It's usually just a drizzle, but still. Decorated Easter eggs sitting out in the rain become a yucky, sticky, smeared mess that stains hands and clothes, and little girls get cold fast when the rain is pouring down on them. :::sigh::: I hope it lets up just long enough to let them hunt their eggs tomorrow. Cora's old enough now, and she'll be fun to watch.

I'm pretty sure Chloe doesn't really believe in the Easter Bunny. She asks me every so often if he's "really real". When we were at the mall (where both of my children eyed the Easter Bunny cautiously and kept a healthy distance of at least 10 feet) Chloe informed me that that was definitely not the real Easter Bunny. It was some guy dressed up, probably, because the eyes didn't move. Hmm. I told her she was right, the Easter Bunny was way to busy to sit at the mall every day. I hope this doesn't ruin Santa. Or I hope, at least, that she keeps playing along, making me think she believes. I still need Santa, and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. When did my little girl grow up?


I have a funny story about my niece that I heard second hand from my sister-in-law that is absolutely worthy of sharing.

Little Anna, who is almost six years old, was in Sunday School. The teacher asked her why the Israelites were frustrated and she said "because of the mayonnaise."


"I would be frustrated too, if I had to eat mayonnaise every day," she said.

Yes, Anna didn't realize that they were saying "mana". She was imagining big glops of mayonnaise falling from the sky, the Israelites being forced to eat just that day in and day out. She had no problem understanding why they were so frustrated.

Kids are awesome.


Cora's learning a bunch of new words every day. It's funny, if she really wants to say something, she can. She had no problem saying "Je-jo" when she wanted more Jello. But she still hasn't figured out how to say "Thank you." Makes me think it's selective talking...


My husband is out traipsing around in the woods while the rain pours down. Why would he do such a thing? Today is the opening day for spring turkey season. He's trudging through mud and muck, hoping his rain gear holds up, trying to find a turkey to shoot. Sounds like fun, dontcha think? I do hope he gets a turkey though. It makes him so happy.

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Deb said...

Love the mayonnaise story.... classic!

It rained here on Easter too... Dyan used plastic eggs for Christian's egg hunt, and he did it in the rain. Boys...

Love you new blog layout...and it didn't make me sign in! LOL

Talk to you soon~