Wednesday, September 16, 2009

But she didn't have time...

I DO a lot of things.

People often tell me they don't know where I find the time to do all of the things that I do. Obviously, there aren't any more hours in my day than there are in others'... we just all choose to use our time in different ways based on what's important to us, I suppose.

Things I DON'T have time for:

Watching television. It requires one to sit still, a skill I have never mastered.

Talking on the phone at length. If you're going to call me there's a good chance I'm busy right now and will have to call you back later, if I remember to. If you want to chit chat, let's get together and let the kids play while we talk - love killing two birds with one stone.

Ironing. This peeves my husband. I do my best to be a respectable housewife, but ironing just isn't in the cards for me. I tried it once. It didn't work out. A relationship with my iron is not one I have the time to pursue.

Sleeping late. Well, or sleeping in general. I place no value on sleep. I understand that it's a requirement to survival, but I prefer to keep it to a minimum. I see no good reason to sleep past 6 am. I make my husband crazy with this fact, because by 7 am I am bored and lonely and usually end up waking him up if he's home (and trying to -ugh!- sleep in.)

Walking the dog. Yes, we have a lab. Yes, she's a big black hairy ball of energy. Yes, a good owner would take her for a long walk (or run) every day. I love my dog. I brought her into a family that has two children. Those kids run me ragged most days - I figure she can share the burden and get some exercise while they're at it.

Girly things. I paint my toenails occasionally, and once in awhile I take a bath or use some fancy goop to wash my face. Aside from that it's soap and water. I've never had a manicure or a pedicure, and I don't feel like I'm missing out. I'm a stay at home mother. I spend my days washing dishes, creating miscellaneous items with papier mache' and grinding elk meat. I hope no one actually expects my nails to look good because they never will.

My priorities, interests and hobbies change frequently. I don't stop DOING from the moment I open my eyes until I fall into bed at night. Other people enjoy some moments of "down time" but I've never been that way - that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it, either. You don't have time to knit a sweater, I don't have time to watch The Bachelor. :-) It's all in what we choose to make the time to do!

I'm not dissing anyone who likes to watch TV. If you possess the ability to sit still, more power to ya. And if you really do spend a lot of time ironing your husband's shirts, tell him to go buy you some flowers. You deserve it!


It's Jan! said...

Wow, do I ever know where you're coming from! Some of my priorities have changed with age, but I still spend most of my time figuring out how to do more things at the same time.

The last television show I watched with any sense of regularity was Mork and Mindy (I am very old), I have a darling husband who loves to talk on the phone and in recent years we have compromised and the dry cleaners does his ironing.

The best thing I have found lately is my mp3 player. I can now read, walk and knit at the same time!

inadvertent farmer said...

I haven't watched tv in months...who has time this time of year. Ditto on the manicure and pedicure, if they were painted I wouldn't be able to see to get the dirt (and manure) out from under them! I iron all the time but it is never hubby's clothes its my sewing projects.

I either grow or make most things we eat so I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen, of course there is homeschool, laundry, the animals, the garden, the orchard, church....ughh

I'm tired just typing that. I do love to sleep, just don't get much of chance to! Kim