Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our first school year!

I made a skirt out of one of my grandma's old bedsheets. You can't beat free vintage fabric. :-)


School plans are in order. We officially start tomorrow!

Math: A Beka Arithmetic 1 is on it's way, should arrive on Thursday.

Language/Grammar: we're keeping it simple with just some worksheets to reinforce the rules of capitalization and punctuation. We'll work on sentence structure and spelling in our nature study notebooks.

Copywork: I'll use the stuff off of Simply Charlotte Mason first. After that we'll switch to rhymes and song lyrics and proverbs and such as I come across them and like them.

Science: nature studies with journals. We'll continue the garden book until first frost, then move on to just regular nature studies. Lots of opportunities for collecting, pressing and drying, drawing and painting, etc.

History: Ancient Egypt by way of the booklists found at Simply Charlotte Mason and Ambleside Online. Lots of extra activities and crafts planned along the way including a papier mache' pharaoh's mask that I'm excited about.

Literature: Finish up The Little Princess, also the Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Stuart Little.

Artist Study: Claude Monet
Composer Study: Mozart

And that's about it. We're gonna start slow and keep it simple but with constant progression... at least, that's the plan. I'll update a few weeks in after we see how it goes!

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