Monday, September 7, 2009

Gardeny Bits

My in-laws let us take home their un-used compost bin to borrow on a long-term basis. We decided to get going on it this evening, piling in leaves that we'd saved from last fall and a couple days' worth of kitchen veggie scraps. If all goes well, we should have a barrel full of compost to use on next year's garden!

It makes a good homeschooling project too:

She didn't think it was so fun until I told her she should pretend she was a witch cooking up a magic brew. :o)


We dragged up the tubs of fall decorations. Yes, it's a couple weeks early. I thought maybe if we let fall know we're ready for it maybe it would come sooner.

There's all kinds of fun stuff stored away in the Fall boxes - things like pumpkin hats, and vampire teeth!


Fall signals the garden year coming to an end and I'm ready for it. I LOVE my garden, but it's enough work that when the end is near I'm alright with it.

I'm still waiting for the beans to come on in full force, so far we're just getting a few here and there. If we still have another month or so until frost I'm betting I can feed us green beans a few times a week and have enough to freeze 6 or 8 pounds.

The tomatoes and peppers are in full swing, pulling down their cages and falling flat on the ground because they're so heavy with fruit. Fall spinach is on it's way up, probably should be harvesting that soon. Need to make another quadruple batch of pesto for the freezer with the basil bush that's growing out there. Beets and another patch of radishes should be done in a couple weeks, more radishes after that and some lettuce, too. Kohlrabi and broccoli were sown last night, not sure if they'll have time to produce a harvest before hard frost sets in in early November but figured I'd give it a try. Zukes and pumpkins have a pretty hefty case of powdery mildew, hopefully we can harvest the last few pumpkins before the plants die off altogether. Only managed to harvest a couple of pounds of carrots with maybe another pound still growing - definitely need to plant more carrots next year, yum! Sunflowers and marigolds are blooming and beautiful, we need more of those next year too.

That's about it for the garden update...

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It's Jan! said...

I love fall! About this time every year, I get so excited. I'm more than ready for change.

My basil didn't grow as huge this year :-( but my sage is mammoth, hanging over the little fence and onto the sidewalk leading to the back door. I love it! The dogs brush against it as they come they smell like grungy dogs rolled in sage!