Friday, July 2, 2010

A quick trip to the mountains

Daddy's home with us for the week, so we drove to the mountains to see some new sights and escape from real life for a few days. We camped at Bogan Flats campground near Marble, CO, and made a few excursions from there.

We drove the rough, rocky five mile dirt road to the ghost town of Crystal.

We hiked at Maroon Bells.

It was a wonderful time for wildflowers up there. I never tire of wildflowers.

We stopped for dinner and a few minutes of splashing in an ice cold river...

And then we drove up to the top of Independence Pass, where the views were incredible and we were rewarded with a rainbow above the mountains.

We did plenty of relaxing and playing at our camp site...

And a bit of fishing before we headed home.

A bit of a whirlwind, trying to get a lot done in only a couple of days, but a lovely time nonetheless.

Today: hiking with Daddy while he shoots 3D archery targets, get a few things done around the house, and some family snuggle time before Daddy heads back to North Dakota tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 the gorgeous pix! Babies remember beautiful things ;-)

Wendy said...

WHAT??!!! THis place looks totally unreal!!