Saturday, June 26, 2010

The garlic harvest

I just spent an hour sipping Plum Creek merlot and braiding garlic in my front yard as the sun was setting.

I'm pretty sure there's no better way to spend an evening, if one must spend it alone.

Except that I reek of garlic, and the scent may very well not dissipate before my husband arrives home tomorrow.

The girls and I harvested the remainder of the garlic tonight - 61 heads in all. I braided all the softneck heads, and just tied the hardnecks into bundles. Since the best place to cure garlic is somewhere dry, warm, and sheltered from the elements, I have bundles of garlic hanging all over my front porch. It'll have to stay there for about two weeks, until it's dried enough to store.

Sadly, I'm quite certain this means I shouldn't expect any sexy vampires to show up and keep me company when my husband leaves again. :::sigh:::

On the up side, we have enough garlic to get us through the year, with plenty to flavor spaghetti sauces and salsas, and to keep us healthy in case we're plagued with strep throat or bronchitis again this winter. There's plenty of satisfaction in knowing I can grow my own medicine.

I'd share pictures of the braids with you, but I assure you, they're not that pretty. Braiding garlic is harder than it looks!


Wendy said...

aww, I was really hoping to see some photos. Bet your husband is glad to keep the sexy vampires away...

At the Washington Youth Garden the other week, people decided to braid garlic. Someone said she was done and turns out she just took 3 bulbs and braided them together. I was like, you dummy! In my head, I was going to do a REAL braid of garlic and show them up, but to no avail. It IS hard. Like confucious said (in a fortune cookie I got once) show off always get shown up in showdown. Still, why can't we see your garlic?!

Anonymous said...

VERY cool! I'm jealous-- my garlic is still developing-- I'm thinking I may have to do a fall planting and wait 'till next year at the rate they're growing. LOVE the idea of your medicines stored away like in the Little House books :-)