Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hooray for Girls

Every once in awhile, when I'm feeling particularly crafty, I feel compelled to make something that celebrates the fact that I am a Mother Of Girls. I'm sure there are lovely things to make for boys as well, but I don't have any of those, so we're gonna talk about girls here.

One of the best toys when you're a Little Girl is a doll. One of the funnest things to make when you're a Mommy of Girls is doll clothes. They're cheap (free), and provide instant gratification. (Well, almost instant. If you're lucky. Or you might sew and rip and sew and rip for three hours before throwing your hands up in disgust because doll clothes are often more complicated than a wedding dress for a grown human. Not that I've done that.) But anyway. Mostly, making doll clothes is fun, primarily for the look of adoration you'll be rewarded with when you present them to your Little Girl.

So I made doll jammies.

And, since I had the fabric and the patterns were included, I made a matching doll blanket, doll slippers, and a heart-shaped doll pillow. And Littlest One was thrilled (and she assured me that her doll was thrilled, too.) Then she came to me and said, "My doll says she wishes I had jammies to match her jammies so we can be like sisters." Oh. Well, if it's the doll that's wishing for them...

Okay, so my kids are spoiled. And they know how to play to my creativity to get what they want. It's alright. Some day they'll realize my making things for them is a physical demonstration of my love for them. Or something.

It must be said that these pajamas (the Little Girl ones, not the doll ones) are about the most ill-fitting pajamas I've ever made the child. I'm not sure if it was the pattern's fault or if I'm just a terrible seamstress, but the neck is huge, the sleeves are tight, and the whole thing just doesn't lay very nicely. Thankfully, when you're three, the fit of a garment is far less important than the novelty of matching your baby doll. She doesn't care how they fit, she just loves them. It's so gratifying, having someone to sew for that is so easy to please.


Anke said...

Those are so sweet, and your little girl is just beautiful.

Joan Miller said...

Soooo Adorable!!!! How can I get these pictures (and others also) on my FB and also hard copies to frame?????