Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kitchen Curtains: Progress

So I bought fabric for the Kitchen Curtain Project. (Thanks to those who are clearly more creative than I am, and offered suggestions and ideas.) I'm still not entirely sure where I'm going with it, but I didn't want to let that little detail stop me from indulging in a bit of fabric shopping.

I'm not a fancy fabric shopper. Since JoAnn's closed, I'm limited to two fabric shopping options: Hobby Lobby and a local shop with Good Fabric. Since the ladies at the Good Fabric Store are usually stuck up and irritated by my children, I stick with the minimal selection at Hobby Lobby and make the best of it. If you go in looking for coordinating fabrics, you don't have to do any footwork - they have it all laid out on the racks with coordinating fabrics side by side.

But I needed at least eight fabrics that coordinated. And you can't get that at Hobby Lobby. So I had to suck it up and brave the cranky old ladies (and the terrifying prices) of the Good Fabric Store.

This is the sort of store that abhors small children. There are signs everywhere demanding that you keep constant control of your children, to the point of actually making threats. I think they actually have paid employees to follow around those darn women who dare to bring in their children, barking at the kids each time they touch anything. Really? If your fabric is going to disintegrate if my child just touches it, do I really want to buy it? I fabric shop the same way I yarn shop: I do a lot of fondling. My children, having learned from me, do exactly the same thing. Who can blame them?

But anyway. My kids proved to me today that I've not completely failed them when it comes to teaching them how to behave in public. They sat and played quietly in the children's area for forty five minutes. They didn't bother anyone, they didn't have to go to the bathroom, they didn't scream or fight or yell. They behaved exactly like good little girls ought to. Omgoodness, it was absolutely thrilling for me, let me tell ya.

So yes, it took me forty five minutes to choose eight fabrics. I realize that's ridiculous, but the moment I walked it the store my heart started racing, my palms started sweating... oh, it's all so overwhelming! You want a rusty-burnt-orange sort of color? Sure, just check that rack over there... and these two racks here, and this row over here, and, oh, don't forget about those racks in the back there. Heh. Yeah. Out of about eleventeen-hundred viable options, I managed to narrow it down to eight. I feel mighty accomplished.

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Anke said...

Beautiful choices! Those were definitely worth taking your time. Now I can't wait to see what kind of curtains you'll make for your kitchen.