Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Knight in Denim Armor -or- Cats Are Really Stupid

See: Stupid Cat

Can you spot the Stupid Cat?

Stupid cat tried to get chickens. Smart dog stopped it. Stopped it real good, as a matter of fact.

Note that the utility pole is in the corner of four yards. Three of those yards are home to large dogs. Stupid cat was too scared to even try to get down... and I'm pretty sure it couldn't have, anyway.

I sat in the kitchen and watched it for awhile. And then Two Little Girls woke up and saw the sweet kitty stuck up on that pole, dogs barking at it from all angles. They went in and woke up the best Knight in Shining Armor they know.

What a good Daddy.

And what a stupid cat.


Wendy said...

awwww, the whole thing is adorable!!! I guess that cat learned it's lesson (i hope!)

aplaceforthoughts said...

This made me laugh! Daddy to the rescue! What was that cat thinking?! :)