Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rise and Shine!

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were sitting outside, enjoying the spring air and watching the kids play with the dog. The chickens were in their coop for the evening, and I was enjoying listening to the sweet chicken noises emanating from their cozy little corner of the yard when suddenly...

"Honey, what was that noise?"

"I think it was a chicken."

"Chickens don't make that kind of noise."

"Roosters do."

"But I don't have a rooster. I got pullets. Maybe it's Miss Tweets. Maybe she makes different noises because she's a different variety of chicken?"

"Yeah... the rooster variety."

Sigh. Sadly, there's no denying it. Miss Tweets is undeniably crowing, odd though it may sound.

In looking at her him I can't believe we didn't figure it out before.

But he's always looked So Different from the other chickens anyway, we just assumed it was his breed.

But no... no. That's definitely the sound of a young rooster practicing his crow. He's tremendous fun. If we crow at him, he often crows back. I can't tell you the enjoyment I get out of listening to my children running around the yard crowing - in addition to the rooster. I'm sure the neighbors love it just as much.

We're going to try to keep him. There's something cozy about waking up to a rooster crowing in the morning, even though we live in the city. I'm not entirely sure all the neighbors feel the same way, but the ones we've talked to don't mind him. And the ones behind us? Well, if they're going to spray my garden with Roundup, they deserve to be woken up at five thirty every morning by the sound of a juvenile squawking rooster.


Wendy said...

ha ha! So the beaute is a guy! I heard the actually crow like ridiculously early - like middle of the night - not necessarily sunrise.

Have to share this story, my sister adopted an iguana named ET from a vet assistant. After having him for a few years, one day he started acting a little crazy and left these "marshmallows". Needless to say she was very concerned and brought ET in. Turns out He was a She. The vet assistant didn't realize he was a she until later but at that point had gotten used to calling ET a he - and failed to tell my sister. Anyway, the marshmallows were obviously eggs she was laying. Weird stuff.

Deb said...

I just find this situation soooooo crazy hilarious!!! LOLOL I love it... Crow away, you crazy rooster!!!

Life said...

Hubby got a kick out of this one LOL!