Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who needs Barbies?

Who needs Barbies, when you have a rooster with such fabulous 'hair'?

"He needs to be beautiful, so he can come to my party."

Because it's perfectly normal to comb your rooster's feathers.

Okay, maybe it's not.

Unless you're a three year old girl with a comb and a rooster handy. Then it makes perfect sense.


Deb said...

When Dyan turned 4, she received TWELVE Barbies as gifts. But then again, she didn't have any roosters to play with. :)

Mama Kautz said...

Adorable....and totally normal!

Dee said...

That is SO funny. I'm glad the rooster is so tame and gentle with her. Your girls are so cute.

Wendy said...

ha! I had to laugh out loud!

aplaceforthoughts said...