Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Big Little Adventure

"Mom, we're going adventuring."

It was the sort of adventure that made them feel like they were very far away, but I could still see them from the kitchen window while I was cooking dinner. It was an adventure to the far side of the hay meadow.

They tromped through the melting snow - Littlest One always trying to hard to keep up with the Big Adventurer.

They stopped to watch the water flowing downhill along the fence line. It's amazing how fascinating a little spring runoff can be to Two Little Girls.

And after as much exploring as cold little noses and hands could handle, they headed back home to tell me all about their Adventure.

Littlest One informed me that there was a Really Big River (trickle of water) that would soon form a Gigantic Canyon on the far side of the field. (We'd been discussing erosion a few days earlier.) I asked how long it would take before the Gigantic Canyon was formed. "A really, really long time," she explained, with wide eyes. "Probably next week."

Oldest one told me about the footprints she saw. "They were probably skunk... but maybe they were cougar prints!" (There are, in fact, occasional mountain lions here, and she knows it. She's desperate to see one... or at least scare Littlest One.)

As for me, I can't tell you the pleasure it gave me to get soup simmering on the stove and watch out the window as my Two Little Girls explored and played together, getting to know their new world.

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