Saturday, March 24, 2012


Since the current theme seems to be showing you our new animals, let me take this moment to introduce Lazarus:

Lazarus was a City Rooster. City Roosters are not allowed to crow at unreasonable hours of the morning, but no one told him that.

My best friend raised him from an egg. Well, okay, one of her hens did. Her hen got broody, so she put some of my mom's fertilized eggs under the hen and got two baby chicks from it. Both turned out to be roosters. One rooster was mean and unpleasant and swiftly made it to the stew pot. The other was Lazarus.

He's gentle and kind. He's just loud. He's got a beautiful voice and exercises it daily, starting at about 4:30 am, as roosters are prone to do. Only that kind of singing isn't allowed when one lives in the city. As bad as she felt, my sweet best friend tried to do away with him. She thought he was dead. (It was a rather traumatic experience for her. I'd share the whole story but I'd end up laughing uncontrollably and I'm not sure she thinks it's funny yet.) But when she went out to the trash can, there was this big, beautiful rooster looking at her, with a disgruntled look in his beady chicken eyes.

And so, she named him Lazarus, and he came to live here on our farm, where he can crow to his heart's content and has our four hens as his own personal flock. He seems rather happy now, and we're glad to have him. Well, as long as he stays gentle and kind. The first time he attacks one of us, I have no qualms about putting him in our stew pot.

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leavesheal said...

LOL! What on earth did she do to him???!!!