Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We adopted a puppy.

You know, since we're not going to overwhelm ourselves by taking on new animals our first year. Heh.

His name is Huck, and he's three months old. Our neighbors' Great Pyrenees went visiting one night, and had a hot date with the other neighbors' Saint Bernard. The result was one adorable puppy with paws twice the size of our Labrador's.

He is to be our Outdoor Dog. Though I can't understand why, it would seem my husband doesn't like the idea of another enormous dog sleeping between us.

Being the Outdoor Dog, his primary job will be chasing off the critters that get too close to the fenced area of our property. Because farm dogs have jobs, you know, unlike the lazy hunk of black lab that spends her days sleeping in the sunshine on the floor of the living room. The girls have each asked if he can come sleep inside "just for one night". I was tempted to let him - poor puppy outside in the dark garage all alone - but we all know that would quickly result in the biggest, slobberiest indoor dog I've ever seen. So out in the garage he stays, until he's grown up enough for an outdoor dog house.

We had a lovely first day with him though. If I were a more responsible housewife, I'd tell you that I folded laundry and washed dishes and watched the girls play with him. But it was sixty five degrees outside today, and there was a puppy out there for heaven's sake. I accomplished very little indoors, but thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and the cuddles. With a personality as sweet as his - and Two Little Girls to thoroughly spoil him - I have no doubt he's going to be a wonderful dog.

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Wendy said...

He is gorgeous! he's going to be gigantic! i love him. I bet he'll quickly be an indoor/outdoor dog. by the way, have you seed the old Huckleberry Finn movie? it's fantastic.