Saturday, April 7, 2012

Because I'm a softy.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to walk into a feed store, and hear all the chirping and the peeping of the sweet, fuzzy little baby poultry, and not walk out of the store with little baby birds?

Two Little Girls compound the difficulty of leaving empty handed when they start saying things like, "Please, Mom, we'll take care of them!" and "But look at them! See, I think this one really likes me!"

Sigh. It's nearly impossible, I tell ya.

And so, meet The Turkeys.

They are unnamed, and will remain that way, as they will be arriving on our dinner table in about four months.

But for now, we'll enjoy their fuzzy cuteness, and giggle as we watch them play together, and care for them lovingly. The Turkeys are going to have the best four-month life we can possibly give them.

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leavesheal said...

You're funny!
We had roosters that weren't allowed to have names this time, either... um... yeah. They're all 14 of them living long lives on other people's farms now... and it was no small task finding said farms!