Sunday, July 13, 2008

I lead a boring life...

I sure haven't done anything exciting lately! It's been so quiet around here. We've been staying home a lot, mostly because we really have nowhere to go. It's been good for working toward my goal to use no more than 15 tanks of gas in a year though - I've filled up once since Father's Day and still have 3/4 of a tank left.


Had my first filling at the dentist on Friday. Amazingly, I went 25 years without a cavity. Now, after almost 9 years of not going to the dentist, I have two. It wasn't as bad as I expected. I was terrified. I was almost in tears. I was certain the pain would be unbearable. (This from a girl who has a baby in her living room....) Anyhow, it wasn't nearly so bad, and I survived. Ran into my father in law while I was there, though didn't talk to him much. The hygienists are funny - they are so desperate to gossip about my in laws! They ask some funny questions. This time they said they were glad I married Andrew, he needed it. What is that supposed to mean? LOL But it was sweet.


I taught my friend Jessica how to knit. She loves it, and I'm so glad. I teach people regularly, but most realize they just don't enjoy it much. I've been waiting for someone to get sucked in like I have, and I'm glad it's Jess. She was over for four hours yesterday with her two kids and we just knitted the day away and let them play. Her little girl plays SO good with Chloe - they go outside, and we don't hear from them again unless one of them needs to go potty or they get hungry. I love it. With other kids, it seems one or the other is always tattling or pouting or arguing. So having Allysa over to play is a breath of fresh air.


I'm already making Christmas knitting plans. The turquoise chenille "Beachcomber" sweater is coming along, the back is finished and the front half-done. That will be Cora's Christmas sweater. Chloe picked a pattern out of the same book, a simple pullover with ruffles on the sleeves, to be made out of a soft blue chenille yarn I have yet to purchase. That will be her Christmas sweater. Have I mentioned her new love of the color blue? A month ago, "blue is for boys". Now? It's all she wants in everything. Blue popsicles, blue clothes, blue toys, blue markers. Which is a problem considering everything she owns is pink, her last favorite color.

In addition to the girls' Christmas sweaters, and a sweater I'm working on for myself in the meantime, I have plans for Andrew's gift, my mom, and three friends. I'm going to be busy knitting Christmas gifts until December, more than likely! Can you believe it's already half-way here? Where on earth does the time go?


Speaking of, Cora will be 11 months old on Tuesday. We need to get started planning her first birthday party. The other day she stood up in the middle of the room without holding on to anything. She stood there, looked around, realized what she was doing, and promptly sat right back down. I can't believe how fast she's doing all this stuff! Chloe didn't walk until she was 18 or 19 months, and I rather liked it that way. :oP


I suppose that's all I have to write about for now. Honestly, we're pretty boring around here lately. We're getting ready to go camping, leaving tomorrow and coming back Wednesday. Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to post after that.


Deb said...

Hey, sometimes I'd much rather have "boring" than the alternative!!! LOL I think you live an idyllic life... and I envy you alot!

Oh, and thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. Yes, I feel very lucky to be able to see Christian whenever I want, and to have a great relationship with him. He is such a little doll, but then, I suppose I'm biased! ;-P

Have fun camping! I'll be back in touch the 21st... XXOO~me.

Dani said...

I need to figure out some stuff for Christmas gifts! I know I won't want to shop as the holiday approaches because I'll be hugely pregnant!