Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm drowning!

Seriously, I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of STUFF. I think I make a post like this every few months, swearing that I'm going to purge drastically and then stop buying things. And I fail miserably every time.

Ugh, but I feel like there's chaos all around me. Part of it is having two kids - kids need toys (though not nearly as many as they have!) and toys get left everywhere. Half the toys don't get played with because there are so many that others get forgotten for months (or years) at a time.

It's just this constant feeling of clutter. It makes me crazy. If you look in my closet, it's packed with clothes. The girls' closet is the same way. And yet, I buy more fabric, and make more clothes. I have so many things I've only ever worn once. That's really sad!

But I have this never-ending creative streak that drives me to keep on making things that will bring me moments of satisfaction, to be worn once and then stashed in the closet for once-a-year wear. Surely I could direct all this creative energy to something more useful.

I organize and reorganize everything, all the time. I'm constantly emptying a cupboard or drawer, throwing things away that we don't use or don't need, putting everything back neatly, only to find it in disarray two weeks later.

My mother keeps saying we need a bigger, newer house. What we really need, though, is less STUFF. If we didn't have so much stuff (half of which we have no use for!) we wouldn't need more space.

After spending a handful of years being very poor, I developed this sense of "keep everything, because some day you might need it." It's the Depression Era mentality. It seems wasteful to donate boxes of perfectly good Stuff to Goodwill. What if I needed this, or that (10 years down the road...?) Oy.

I think I would be best off spending a whole couple of days tossing, organizing, donating, and in general lessening the chaos that seems to surround me constantly.

...what a chaotic post. I hardly made sense. A reflection of the way I feel right now, I suppose.


Deb said...

Hey, I hear ya! So.... ya wanna come and organize my office/craftroom??? Perhaps then maybe you wouldn't feel so bad about your own mess... LOL

allykitty5 said...

I totally understand. We have piles of stuff EVERYWHERE. I feel bad having people over. But honestly, we have no room for it. I wish I had a room just for my work stuff, it overflows everywhere.