Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kid pics

I still maintain that we are the owners of the best, most patient dog in the whole world. The baby is constantly climbing on her, sitting astride her, or otherwise tormenting her, and she takes it all in stride.

And she even tolerates playing dress up.
Silly baby was very sleepy.
This was the night she tried to escape by going under the fence... her skirt got stuck so she crawled right out of it.
Can anyone identify this mysterious creepy crawly? We found it in the garden. It's now living in the Bug Barn. I'm pretty certain it's a larvae of some sort, but not sure what. Love how random digging in the garden produces homeschool science projects. :o)
This is what dish washing looks like in our house... Cora's quite the helper, or so she thinks. (Why is the child washing dishes in her underwear? don't ask. She'd happily never wear clothes if it wasn't a social requirement.)

Guess who has a loose tooth? Actually, two loose teeth, as we discovered tonight. I'm so not ready for this - I thought we had a year or two still until we got to this point. It's such a big thing - such a grown up thing - to lose teeth. She's thrilled, of course, and wiggles it constantly to try and get it out.
Littlest Miss, "helping" in the garden. Unfortunately, she is not able to distinguish between RED and GREEN tomatoes. That's alright though, she has a great time.
Big sister showing Cora how to make the perfect mixture of mud.

Recent Chloe-isms:

"Ignoptious" - Something along the lines of obnoxious, I think.

"I'm afraid of high climates" - not heights, high climates.

Chrain, Chree - She wrote these words for me when we were practicing spelling. I had no idea she was even pronouncing them wrong, but when I corrected her and said "train" and "tree" she was surprised. :o)

A conversation between my daughter and her friend, in stalls at a public restroom today:

Tori : "Chloe, are you done?"

Chloe: "No, I'm making a turd."

Tori: "Mom, what's a turd?"

Ashley (trying desperately not to laugh): "It's poop, Tori."

Tori: "You mean like boy poop?"

Ashley (failing miserably at the attempt not to laugh) : "No, just poop. any kind of poop."

I love children. :o)


Deb said...

Don'tcha just love conversations overheard between children? Nothin' is better than that! And sweet little girls talking about poop? ROFL....

Sweet pics... thanks for sharing!


Katey said...

Love the high climate comment

I am so SPOILED Jesse is 9 1/2 and only lost his bottom 2 teeth...he is still my baby :)

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so cute!

Is that a black lab? We have one now, a puppy and I'm just wondering if they calm down any LOL?


Julie said...

Izzy's calmed down a ton since she was a puppy, but she definitely still has lots of energy. With labs it's all about training them so they don't go crazy when you don't want them to. We also spend a lot of time outside playing fetch to wear her out. But yeah, she's two and a half now, and much calmer than when we first got her. They're the best dogs in the whole world - so gentle and patient and understanding when it comes to kids. We love our lab. :o)