Monday, October 20, 2008

Poor Baby :o(

I know it's inevitable. She's a toddler - she will fall. But I don't have to like it.

This picture was taken a few hours after it happened. It was worse yesterday morning - I need to take more pictures. We've started calling her "bruiser". :o)

We were at the park this evening, playing on the playground. She usually just goes UP the stairs. This time she decided to go down... face first.

She hardly cried - maybe 15 seconds. Then she was pushing me away so she could get down and try it again. It looks so terrible though. I'm afraid to take her out in public - people will think I beat the poor child.


Can someone remind me that it is absolutely ridiculous to pay $50 for one skein of yarn? I need someone with some logic and reason to point out that I can make things that are just as pretty without spending that kind of money. On gorgeous, hand spun, hand painted blue-faced leicester yarn... and it's a big skein! 310 yards.

I must be going crazy. I'd never spend that much on yarn.

Oh, but it's so beautiful. And completely unique, one of a kind.

I should get out the roving I have and spin that and dye it. Except I'd spend that much in dye. Ahhh I must be crazy. :-) Absolutely NO justification for something like that. Right?


Miss Chloe informed me yesterday that she thinks she is lucky because she is homeschooled. :o) Since the first few weeks felt a little bit like pulling teeth, I was worried. But we're totally in the swing now, we have our little daily schedule and routine, and she's loving it.

She was looking at a book yesterday while I was knitting, and I wasn't really listening to her. She likes to "picture tell" with books, where she tells the story based on the pictures, not the words. But as I was knitting, I started hearing what sounded a lot more like actual words. "It was a fine day in the town of Chewandswallow..." And she was reading it, every word. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is not a Step 1, Dick and Jane kind of book. It's a real book, the kind an adult has to read outloud. Usually she's too intimidated by books with that many words on a page, but she really wanted to read that book. She did great - had to ask about a lot of words, but made it through. I am so proud. I just want her to love reading like I do.

Math is getting fun - we're learning about the 10's and 1's place in numbers. Kidney beans take the 10's place, lentils take the 1's, and she's really getting the hang of it. She's definitely math- and science-minded.

And the crafts! We've come to realize she does great with all of her reading/language/phonics first thing, and then a break while we do a craft before taking on math, science, and social studies. Today we're making cats out of soup cans, to be used as plasticware holders for her Halloween party next week. Black paint, felt, glue, and we'll have cute little cats. I'm excited. The internet is incredible for arts and crafts ideas - we could do a craft every day of our school year, and still have hundreds we didn't have time for.


Deb said...

Buy the yarn. Do you love it? Buy it...


Dani said...

Delaney ALWAYS has a bruise somewhere on her face/head. AHHH!!!

For the crafts, we usually do a craft as part of our math or science. Lilli loves it, and she learns a lot from it.

Katey said...

poor thing that looks like it hurt....BRAVO on the totally start by cues from the pictures! wher ewere you when Jesse was learning?? he is 9 1/2 and is just now getting really good...and as for readers in my fam....the kids know I am a sucker..."can I read" to get out of bed time OF COURSE you can read my sweet darling LOL

Deb said...

How is Sweet Cora's wittle face doing??? Poor ting... Give her kisses from me.... that makes it all better!!!

Deb said...

Oh, and DID YOU BUY THE YARN YET????? Go for it!!!