Sunday, October 25, 2009

'09 Garden Totals

I kept a running total of the produce I harvested from the garden this year to get an idea of how much to plant next year. It's easy to forget picking 100 pounds of tomatoes when it's done over the course of four months, and end up planting 30 plants the next year to increase yield. That, and it's darn satisfying to look at the sheet with hash marks all over it - it's like a photograph of the yield from all the hard work for the past half of a year.

So altogether, here's the list:

16 heads of garlic (I've already planted next year's garlic bed - 65 cloves this time)
46 radishes (which none of us really eat, but are fun to plant and pick)
52 beets
8 heads of lettuce
85 bell peppers (from 9 plants)
100 pounds of tomatoes (from 10 plants)
8 pounds of snow peas
3 pounds of spinach
1 pound of green beans (my beans sucked this year. That pound came primarily from two volunteer plants in last year's bean patch that I decided to let grow.)
3 lbs carrots (a pitiful amount, but I've never had any success with carrots, so this is pretty exciting to me)
10 zucchini (I'm the only person in the history of genetically altered vegetable seeds than can have six zucchini plants and only harvest 10 zucchini. And we don't eat summer squash anyway.)
5 pumpkins (Three of which are still sitting on top of the fridge awaiting their fate as pumpkin glop. Pumpkins are so darn time consuming!)

So there we have it. That in addition to the 100+ pounds of meat my hubby provided kept us pretty well fed all summer, with enough to carry us at least part-way into winter as well.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post the list of foods I preserved. Since I know you're desperate to see it.


Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

you know I am!

haven't made the bread yet....couldn't find wheat gluten :(

Wendy said...

How satisfying that you can grow so much, and be able to preserve enough to have food over the winter too! That's great!! I'm still thinking about all your pepperoni!