Saturday, October 24, 2009

Procrastination and avoidance

First thing yesterday morning, I knew it was one of those kind of days. The kind where I'm already cranky because I'm PMS-ing and then I find a mysterious blue substance staining all of the whites I pulled out of the dryer, and the first grader whines about having to complete six math problems and color a few leaves...

Yeah, well I was so not gonna sit around at home all day and be cranky and irritated. So we packed up, put on our hikin' shoes, and headed to Rifle Falls (after an uber-healthy meal of chicken nuggets and a Quarter Pounder with cheese.)

I love Rifle Falls. I lived in Rifle as a young teen and we visited the falls quite a few times. In fact, it's where my first kiss was. (I can hear the collective "awwwww" from you now.) I've always loved it there. Plus, it's an easy hike for a six year old an an independent two year old who forgets she's still small and refuses any and all help.

We took our Nature Study Notebooks along and did some sketching so we could call the whole thing a field trip instead of just procrastination and avoidance.

Cora ended up on her bottom most of the way down. I offered to help, I swear I did. But of course, she can do everything by herself because she's a Big Girl now and doesn't need her mama.

All in all, it was a good day. Much better than it would've been if we'd have stayed home and grouched at one another. We got home in time to make an elk meatloaf for dinner and give little girls their baths. Might have to remember this as far as PMS coping skills go.

And today? Today I'll try to identify the mysterious blue crap that stained all the whites, and I'll thank my lucky stars for Saturday morning cartoons while I get this house in order.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes procrastination and avoidance can be the "merry heart medicine" that mends our spirits. Great call, Mamma.

Kim said...

I have mysterious blue crap staining some of my things too... It's not detergent because I mix that really well after I add it (which I do first). Any ideas?