Monday, October 5, 2009

A sweater

I got up half an hour ago, thinking it was already 6:30. Then I looked at the clock a few minutes ago and realized it's only 6, so it must've been 5:30. Love when that happens - it's like an extra hour got added to the day.


I made a sweater.

It's for Chloe. I used the KnitWare software again for this... I'm still not sold enough on this software to actually purchase it, since things seem to turn out a little wonky without some tweaking and altering and constant measuring. But it's a pretty little sweater.

Yarn: Lionbrand Homespun, cream colored, with some scraps of off-white and pink unidentified eyelash as trim.
Needles: 10 1/2 circs and dpn's

It's yard saled yarn - cost something like $2.25 to make it. And apparently Blogger felt like turning the photos, so you'll have to look at the screen sideways to see what it's really like. I'm too lazy to fight with it - sorry.


I think it's funny that when my kids see me coming at them with a tape measure they just stand still and put their arms out to their sides, no questions asked. Smart kids. :o)


Anonymous said...

You made that in an hour?!!! Yes, you have smart kids-- they have a smart mamma!

Wendy said...

beautiful sweater! It looks so sooooofffffttt.

Wendy said...

This is a beautiful sweater - and looks soooo soft too!