Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Me Monday

I realize how pathetic it would be to take pictures of every single garden harvest, so I promise, I don't!

Because really, if you've seen one kohlrabi, you've seen them all. Right?

Spending my precious time laying vegetables out on a table to just take pictures? Pshhhh. Who's got time for such things?

If I did take pictures of every harvest - which I don't - my hard drive would be bogged down with pictures of vegetables. But it's not, I swear.

It's not me that randomly snaps photos of a meal I'm cooking, just because it's all self-provided and that makes me a little bit giddy inside.

Elk stir fry with sugar snap peas, carrots and broccoli.

And there's certainly not a red stain from beet juice on my camera because I didn't wash my hands before taking pictures of vegetables while I was chopping them...

I just couldn't get over how cool the insides all looked as I was chopping them.

And to be certain, let me assure you that there are not more pictures of vegetables than there are of my children in all the month of June... gosh, that'd be an embarrassing illustration of the priorities in my life, wouldn't it?

But they were the first turnips I've ever harvested!
How could I not take their picture?


Just Me said...

Yum. You veggies look delicious.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I especially like the fingernails with all the dirt scrubbed out from under them, holding that garlic ;-)

Wendy said...

ha ! I also noticed the perfect fingernails!

Your harvests are sooooo wonderful. The photo of the beets is amazing. yay for you!