Saturday, June 19, 2010

A day off the bandwagon

I fell off the "wholesome" bandwagon in a big, big way today.

Between missing my husband and trying to accept the distinct reality of how much the newest schedule* sucks, dealing with general parenting frustrations, and some general burn out, I was depressed today. And so I attempted to cure my depression with some good ol' fashioned glutton.

We had the TV on all day. And when I say all day, I do mean exactly that. Movie after movie after movie. I laid on the bed with them, and we watched G-rated movies all day. We ate Cheetos for lunch, and then watched another movie. Around 4 o'clock, we went to Wal Mart for a few things. Since there happens to be a McDonald's inside Wal-Mart, we stopped in and grabbed chocolate milk shakes to sip on as we strolled through the aisles.

I bought things like root beer, Cocoa Puffs, and non-dairy coffee creamer. I bought Chloe a Skip-It knock-off made in China, and I bought Cora some Minnie Mouse panties. Then we had Taco Bell for dinner.

On a good day, we eat homemade granola with local raw milk for breakfast. We boycott cheap toys made in China and all things Disney and we shop for food at farmer's market. We play in the garden instead of watching TV, and we eat a dinner made of wild game and garden vegetables.

As you can plainly see, today was not a good day.

And I'm trying to feel guilty for it... but I don't. One day of typical American gluttony isn't going to kill us. At least, I'm pretty sure it won't.

*The newest work schedule: two weeks in North Dakota, one week off at home. This means more weeks off. It also means he lives away from home for two thirds of the year. There's a lot that goes on in two thirds of a year that he won't be around to share with us, and that depresses me. But I'll stop whining, and just be grateful he's got a job.


Just Me said...


That has to suck. I feel for you. As crazy as my husband makes me, I am not sure I could handle him being away for 2 weeks at a time.

Kate said...

Hi, Julie;
Popped over to pay you a visit and thank you for commenting on my blog. Good to meet another mountain blogger... And, as far as the gluttony thing goes no need to feel guilty. Anything in moderation is good for the soul! I feel these things are only 'bad' when we make them a daily bad habit. :) Hope you're having a great weekend. - kate

Anonymous said...

Julie, you are a good mom. In fact, you're a great mom. Aside from you, I don't know a single person who makes their own granola. :-) So you had an off day. Big deal. You're entitled to lay around watching movies and eating cheetos.
The new schedule sounds rough. Today I was reminded of all the men (and women) fighting these wars, keeping us safe. Then there are the guys like your husband and my SIL, the over-the-road trucker. Hard lives, but they do what must be done for their families.
And so like those pioneer women, you're left behind to fix dinner, make sure the laundry is done...and miss him. I'm sorry.
Enjoy the times he's there, document the times he misses. Know that when the big stuff comes he'll be by your side. Sometimes we can't ask much more than that.
Hugs, Jan

Anonymous said...

Hugs, Julie,
Every once in a while, I *almost* wish it were an option. <3

Wendy said...

oh my gosh. I just love you. funny funny. Your day complete with minnie panties, wal-mart and taco bell. ugh. It's OK to be depressed and just be a glutton from time to time. I would suggest you just ride it out. You'll be back to your energetic mommying and health nuttiness in no time.

Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

wow if I had read this post sooner I would have CALLED YOU! of come down if it happens again please email me we will need an itervention!