Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kid's Gardening - Creative Play

Garden bits make for good creative play.

Giant kohlrabi leaves turn little girls into flying pegasus and dragons...

Onion flower stalks are prettier than Lincoln Logs, and make a nice addition to a town built of mushroom caps and flower buds.

They harvested some of their own carrots and lettuce, then used plastic kitchenware from the playhouse to make a salad and have a picnic.

The carrots have been a big hit - neither of them really bothered with thinning or weeding them, so they're getting all kinds of funky shapes that result in lots of giggles.

The cabbageworms we saved in a jar for a science project have now built cocoons - we have three of them. It's really a shame those pretty little butterflies are so darn destructive.

I started pulling the weeds (grass) out of their garden the other night, since it was threatening to encroach on my own garden. Chloe came over, visibly upset, and said, "Mom, no! I'm growing hay for my imaginary horse!" We tied up the lengths of grass into little stands like you would with wheat, then placed them near where the horse was tied up. He enjoyed the snack, she assured me.

There is a pile of carrots in my refrigerator, some broken off half way down, others that grew only an inch, and a few that really turned out pretty good. Chloe asked if I would cook them with brown sugar and butter. There's something neat about my child growing her vegetables and then asking to have them for lunch. Of course I'll do it that way.


Just Me said...

That is great. I hope she enjoyed the carrot that way.

Wendy said...

They are precious!

I love kids at this age. I give my little one a mixing bowl and she's off for hours making "salads" and whatnots. I love Chloe's intent to grow hay for her horse. How adorable.

Kirsten said...

Your girls are so creative! I love the imaginary horse. :)

The author said...

How fun to use onion stalks for Lincoln logs! I bet the girls loved their carrots cooked with brown sugar and butter. Yum!