Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hooray for Kitchen Decor

My kitchen is the most-used room in my home. I spend more time in there than anywhere else, and I like it that way.

It's also the most neglected room in my home as far as interior decor goes. I have a lot of excuses for it - it's a very small kitchen. It has virtually no wall space. It's so full of useful kitchen objects that there simply is no room for decorating. And I have, truly, the ugliest cabinets I've ever encountered.

Peach? Seriously, what decade was peach the "in" color? I've tried really hard to let the color of my cabinets grow on me, but it still hasn't happened.

At one point in the history of the home, the owner attempted to begin sanding the paint from the cabinets. They encountered that fantastic shade of robin's egg blue that was popular for awhile, and white beneath that. I know this because there is one cabinet that has one big spot sanded down on it. Clearly, that owner decided it wasn't worth the effort of removing three layers of paint, so they just left that spot. How nice.

Anyway, I finally gave in and decorated the only actual wall in the kitchen.

And it makes me happy.

Because antique cooking utensils thrill me.

It needs a few more, but so far, I'm pretty darn pleased with the result.

And now I have another excuse to keep attending auctions. And that makes me happy, too.


Katey said...

I have the whining sign! Love the decor

Wendy said...

the tools look great on the white wall!

My kitchen was pretty horrendous when we moved in. It's amazing what some white paint and new cast iron knobs will do...